The group has had feuds with this industry's side. The original was its noteworthy battle with TVT Records concerning the group's very first record, Pretty Hate Machine, that directed Reznor to list his first own followup record from secrecy to prevent the tag's influence. Nine Inch Nails declared into Interscope Records later, but following the launch of the group's fifth studio record Year Zero at 2007, Reznor declared that Nine Inch Nails would launch future substance individually. The group signed using Columbia Records for the launch of its eighth record Hesitation Marks (2013). 2 EPs: Not the Actual Events (2016) along with Add Violence (2017) were published individually under The Null Corporation, followed with their ancestral record, Bad Witch.
Nine Inch Nails was nominated for thirteen Grammy Awards, winning double for the tunes"Wish" along with also"Happiness in Slavery" in 1992 and 1996, respectively. Back in 1997, Reznor appeared at Time magazine listing of this year's strongest individuals, along with Spin magazine has described as"the most vital artist in music". Back in 2004, Rolling Stone placed Nine Inch Nails in 94 about the magazine listing of the 100 best musicians ever. Nine Inch Nails was called a nominee for induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at 2014, its initial year of qualification. The group was nominated again the following season but wasn't inducted.

Since the group's founder and producer Reznor was regarded as that the sole member and power by a lot of its foundation. But this changed in 2016 if English artist Atticus Ross, a regular collaborator with Reznor, has been released as a permanent member of Nine Inch Nails, along with the statement of this Not exactly the Actual Events EP. What's more, Reznor generally builds a live group to play him onstage. These touring bands rearrange music to match a setting and frequently comprise a lineup. Nine Inch Nails frequently applies components that are thematic to follow stage performances also, which consist of light displays.

Nine Inch Nails, Generally Called NIN (stylized as NIИ), Is Now a American industrial Stone band Based in 1988 by Trent Reznor at Cleveland, Ohio. The group released two powerful records through the 1990s--The Downward Spiral (1994) along with The Fragile (1999)--also contains record earnings exceeding 20 million copies worldwide, using 10 million earnings accredited in the United States alone.
Reznor coined the name"Nine Inch Nails" because it"abbreviated easily", rather than for"any literal significance".Other rumored explanations have circulated, alleging that Reznor chose to reference Jesus' crucifixion using nine-inch spikes, including or even Freddy Krueger's nine-inch fingernails. The English letters NIN will also be noted because of their similarity to the contemporary Hebrew characters of their Tetragrammaton. Talpas, a native of Cleveland, could last to look Nine Inch Nails packing artwork.

Back in 1987, Trent Reznor played with a keyboard at a Cleveland, Ohio group called the Exotic Birds, subsequently handled by John Malm Jr.  Reznor and Malm became buddies, and if Reznor abandoned the Exotic Birds to perform on songs of their own, Malm reluctantly became his supervisor. At the moment, Reznor worked as an assistant engineer and janitor at Right Track Studios, at Cleveland; he requested studio operator Bart Koster for consent to capture a few demos of his material at no cost during Artificial studio period. Koster consented and enabled Reznor to utilize it if it was vacant, agreeing it cost him"just a little wear on [his] tape heads". While finishing the records, Reznor was not able to discover. Rather, motivated by Prince, Reznor played with all of the instruments, except himself. This job remains Reznor's on the majority of the group's studio albums, though he has included musicians and supporters.

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